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24-Hour City Project

Experiential Marketing, Strategy

“The 24-Hour City Project, inspired by the National Building Museum’s Intelligent Cities initiative, explores the intersection of the built environment, data, the arts, and information technology.”
- National Building Museum 


If you had just 24 hours to impact your city, what would you do? As a creative experiment in temporary urbanism and digital innovation, the 24-Hour City Project explores the intersection of data, arts, and technology within the built environment. The project aims to demonstrate how technology, imagination, and innovation can envision our future cities.


The project, conceived and co-directed by Danny Harris was launched in partnership with the National Building Museum and funded by iStrategy Labs. At present, Washington, D.C. has been host to two successful competitions in June 2010 and November 2011 with teams of architects, technologists, storytellers, artists, and policy makers.

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