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The Day of Learning

Community Development, Storytelling Sep 2014


One day. Dozens of lessons, workshops, and classes taught by your neighbors — Washington D.C. residents. The Day of Learning is an opportunity for the city’s community to learn from and teach each other. From an introduction to hand-dancing, to getting the low-down on mixing the city’s signature cocktail (the Gin Rickey), to exploring D.C.’s neighborhoods, the Day of Learning celebrates D.C.’s vibrant culture, history, and people. The Day of Learning is a lively and community-driven event that unites the District through sharing who we are and what we know.


StorySocial conceived and hosted the event in partnership with Gallaudet University, the world’s leading university for the deaf and hard of hearing. Event sponsors included The Awesome Foundation, Cava Grill, Clark Construction, Fosterly, iStrategyLabs, NoMa BID, and WAMU Radio. The Day of Learning, held on September 6, 2014, brought in 320+ people for 36 classes taught by some of D.C.’s smartest teachers.


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  • Gallaudet University